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Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy


Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy is a form of Sound Therapy. During a Tibetan Bowl treatment, bowls are placed on and around your body while you lie down fully clothed. Tibetan Bowl Therapy can help relieve symptoms of stress, it can be used for pain relief, muscle tension, joint aches, insomnia, water retention and other ailments.

The origins of Tibetan Singing Bowls are mostly unknown, however they have been traced back to the Bon tradition in Tibet, preceding the Buddhist religion. They sound like bells when struck but also produce a individual lasting tones of varying pitch, depending on the size of the bowl, hence the name "Singing" bowls. Tibetan Bowls traditionally used for Buddhist prayer, are now played all around the world to aid meditation and relaxation, enhance health and well-being. They are used in Yoga, Sound Healing, Music Therapy, concert performances and personal relaxation at home. 

Extensive research using Singing Bowls with cancer patients has been undertaken and shown extremely positive results. We know that sound can change our brain patterns and we also understand that sound can be felt and absorbed by our bodies on psychological, emotional and spiritual levels not just by our physical ears! The sound of a Singing Bowl being played changes our brain waves from everyday practical Beta mode to Theta and Delta, a deep state of relaxation with heightened intuition, like during meditation. This brain state allows us to exist in the present moment, returning us to our natural way of being, helping us release the fear and stress of our life's "situations".

During a Tibetan Bowl Therapy treatment, bowls are placed on and around the body whilst being struck or played. The physical vibration of the bowls can be felt on the body and most people find this very soothing and relaxing. As with the concept of Sound Therapy, the vibration created by the bowl helps shift stagnant energy in the body. An interesting experiment is to take a large Tibetan Bowl and fill it half full of water. Play the bowl and watch the water inside start to bubble gently! This is the affect it has on the water in our bodies, of which is about 70%, gently moving it, preventing stagnation and energy blocks which can cause tiredness and dis-ease

Benefits include:

  • Relieve symptoms of stress
  • Pain relief, muscle tension, joint aches.
  • Insomnia.
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Calm and regulate a stressed digestive system.
  • Promote homeostasis, or balance, when all bodily systems are working harmoniously.
  • Reduce anxiety, cortisol and stress hormones.
  • Improve sleep
  • Increases the feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine


The Treatment:

During a Tibetan Bowl treatment, bowls are placed on and around your body while you lie down on a comfortable floor fully clothed. The bowls are then played or struck to create a physical vibration which is felt on and through the body to encouage balance on all levels.

Contra-Indications: Some conditions will not allow Tibetan Bowl Treatment such as - A Pacemaker, sadly can't have a treatmemt. First Trimester of pregnancy, (over 12 weeks avoid belly). Earring aids and all jewellery must be removed during a treatment.  Areas to avoid are:- any metal implants, Heart with heart conditions, Undiagnosed lumps, heavy bruising, deep cuts or recent surgery.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy - 45 mins (includes Consultation and grounding) - £40

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Therapies - Ladies,  I am available Monday to Wednesday & Friday, times as follows:

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